Who has never experienced shrinking clothes?

Who has never experienced shrinking clothes?

It has happened to all of us but fortunately there are some hints to unshrink your clothes.

First of all, let us see why do clothes shrink?

Natural fibres are woven together into the cloth. The cloth is stretched during the manufacturing process. When it is exposed to hot water and heat during your laundry, the fibres shrink back to their normal state.

Now we are going to learn how we can save our shrunken clothing by trying some simple methods:

The first step is to use warm water and shampoo or soap. You will need a sink with warm water and you must add some baby shampoo or hair conditioner. Leave the cloth to soak for 30 minutes. Gently remove water from the cloth. You will have to squeeze water from the cloth and lay it on a flat towel. Roll the towel with the cloth inside and squeeze gently to release more water. Lay the cloth on another dry flat towel and stretch it back to its original size. Finally it is recommended to let the cloth air dry.

This simple tip may get your cloth back to size!

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